Practice makes perfect

Jack discovers that he is disproportionality blocking female participants in team interactions when he sees the inoteam workshop insights. His interactions seems to be different whether his counterpart is male or female. He decides to work on this issue.
Practice sessions will be set up by organiser of the program using inoteam tasks as 30 minute engaging events after the main session. To ensure ideal practice setup, Jack will be put in a team with more female participants so he has more opportunities to put his learning in action and see the impact at the end of each practice round.

Why Inoteam?

  • Dangerously addictive, super fun
  • Form ideal practice teams based on discovered needs
  • Immediate feedback: see changes based on behavioral data and global benchmarks
  • Measure impact: keep track of changes in behaviors and results over time
  • Personalized follow up: unique journeys for each individual based on insights
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