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Our story

Our story

Inoteam is more than cutting edge learning technology, it is a global cause to help both people and planet

Research, innovation and industry expertise coming together

Philosophical roots in experiential learning


The line of research that fuels Inoteam pedagogical framework is rooted in the foundational works by phenomenal philosophers of learning and education including John Dewey and Kurt Lewin who were one of the first academics who theorised the process of reflective learning. This line of thinking was further developed and entered the world of management education by Chris Argyris and Donald Schoen in their seminal works on double loop learning, reflective practitioners and their seminal contributions to the field of learning and organisational development. Our founder Dr. Razaghi is a global expert in design of transformative learning experiences and pedagogical innovations for executive education with more than 10 years of research and industry experience in top institutions in Switzerland.



Inoteam theoretical framework is close to the work by Jack Mezirow who is the father of transformative learning theory. Mezirow's transformative learning theory was the key inspiration of Dr. Razaghi's research on design and delivery of impactful learning experiences for professionals. A wealth of research and years of industry experience form the scientific basis for design of pedagogical activities in Inoteam.

Innovation and technology

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What separates Inoteam apart from the traditional experience learning activities lies in our proprietary technology that is augmenting proven practices of experiential learning by brining the power of data and analytics to the equation.
For comparison of scales it is helpful to know that Inoteam technology captures 50x to 200x times more data points that human brain can capture. Inoteam scientific algorithms and state of the art computational methods analyse this massive amount of data in real time to ensure the professors, coaches and participants can get deep and evidence based insights about their behavioural tendencies and team dynamics immediately.
There are solutions in the market that capture some data in complicated logistical processes (shipping devices, sending data back to labs, etc.) and analyse them offline to find some insights after days or weeks, but this is often too late to make an impact even if you can deal with the complexities.

Thriving together

thriving together

Research shows that proximity of receiving feedback after an incident is a key factor to improve the chance of its adoption and making a change.
Inoteam is proudly leading the industry by capturing and analysing massive amounts of behavioural data from team interactions and sharing valuable insights to relevant stakeholder at the right time to drive and measure tangible impact. You can find some examples of our research findings at ideas.inoteam.io. The value of inoteam is only limited to the quality of data and research, but also at unlimited scale serving from just 4 up to 10000 participants.
Inoteam is global cause to improve leadership, management and soft skills training together. Now that you know more about the inoteam journey, we hope you feel excited about all the great things we can do together. If you want to join the cause and use inoteam in your programs, team building events, consulting interventions or join forces with us on research, or just have a cup of coffee and explore possibilities, drop us a line. We are always excited to connect with people with similar passions.

Teams, planet and society dance together for impact

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Inoteam and Eden Reforestation Projects

Inoteam is a proud partner of Eden Reforestation projects NGO to plant trees and create jobs with fair wage for local communities. Performance of each team in inoteam activities results in planting up to 1000 trees and creating 10 work days for local communicates. Eden NGO creates fair wage jobs for local communities who plant the trees to protect the fragile ecosystems in 249 sites around the world while improving quality life and reduce poverty.
So, when your teams work on an inoteam activity to develop some aspects of their leadership and teamwork skills such as psychological safety, inclusion, delegation, problem solving and many more, their performance REALLY matters. Each team can plant up to 1000 trees during each 30 minute inoteam activity. The clear link between team performance and tangible outcomes in the real world makes a huge difference both to ignite serious team dynamics and interactions for impactful learning, as well as doing good for the planet.

Inoteam and Eden Reforestation Projects

Impact that goes from learning to planet earth

Linking the outcomes of team activities to tangible contributions to support Sustainable Development Goals is a key element for us at inoteam. We need a holistic approach to make the world a place better for EVERYone to thrive, and that requires moving beyond the traditional boundaries of the classrooms, programs, and geographies.
Whether it is by harnessing the power of data analytics to make leadership and management education more impactful, or leveraging web technology to make high quality training accessible to students, leaders, employees and even kids, or planting trees with NGOs and local communities, inoteam is driven by its purpose to benefit people and the planet.
Leadership development needs an inclusive approach and we are grateful that we can take tangible actions in that direction with your engagement.


1,000,000 trees is possible together

Inoteam has planted more than 100,000 trees and created more than 1,000 work-days for local communities in north of Madagascar. Our goal is to reach to 1,000,000 trees by the end of 2022 in collaboration with our engaged partners.
We invite you to join this cause and help us to offer high quality leadership development opportunities to more and more people while supporting the planet and local communicates. Check out www.edenprojects.org to learn more about the great work by them. You can also see inoteam profile on the eden website here.
Join our cause now, there is no reason to postpone doing good for people and the planet :-)